Independent Song-Plugging
Our current and past successes include:
  • Scouting for five Major Labels and a Worldwide Entertainment Company
  • Managing 14 artists on Major Labels
  • Pitching 150 Top 10 songs
  • Songwriter of the Year
      -  7 Years
  • Song of the Year
      -  7 Years
  • Grammy Award Winners
  • CMA Award Winners
  • ACM Award Winners

For 25 years Makin’ Music’s song-plugging team has consistently provided our clients with effective song-plugging services. 
Our focus is to connect your songs with the best possible outlet…from albums to film and television. 

Our clients include “Songwriter of the Year” recipients: 

  • Mac MacAnally 
  • Rafe Van Hoy 
  • Kostas 
  • Robert Byrne 
  • Tommy Brasfield 
  • Karen Staley 
  • Sonny Throckmorton

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